I started my own studio producing commercials for local radio stations back in the 90’s and after a few years I went into video/film production and worked for about 10 years as an editor, writer, director and producer.

In 2007 I graduated from Animator Mentor with a diploma in Advanced Character Animation and worked for a few years in Germany and New Zealand on shows like “Veggie Tales”, “The Penguins of Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda - Legend of Awesomeness”.

In 2011 while working on Penguins I slowly got interested in composing again and was totally blown away by the quality of the samples and how far it had come (all tough still nothing like a live orchestra) since my early composing days in the 90’s – on a Korg 01W (which was awesome at the time).

I see a lot of similarities in composing music and character animation, except the fact that it takes a couple of months to animate a minute of finished animation, while you can knock out a 1 min cue of music in a day or less. But rhythm, timing, contrast, expressing emotions, intents and subtexts that can’t be said with words etc, are all very much similar in both art forms.

My taste of music is very varied. I'm constantly studying the masters like Williams, Goldsmith and Zimmer (and everybody in between) and I’m listening to everything from Stravinsky, Grieg and Holst to Lady Gaga, Roxette and Springsteen. There’s actually very little music I don’t like at all.

I’m currently working freelance as a composer from my home studio. Please don’t hesitate getting in touch at info@martinkirkhaug.com