Michele Chua Geok Lian - Producer "Paint Wars":
"The team has been very fortunate to have had the chance to work with Martin Kirkhaug. After listening to some of his music, I managed to get the entire team on the boat. We all had no idea what kind of music to expect but we were surprised by the quality and the way the music worked well with our animation. As it was our first time working with a musician, I was a bit worried as to how he would react to our request.

I was relieved to read his friendly reply and after providing everything I imagined he would need to compose the music, I was looking forward to it with great excitement. The entire team was all for it when we got the score sheet, even more when the first draft arrived! We were so amazed by the result and even our lecturers commended the music which complemented our film.

If anything, we thank Martin so much for contributing to our work and helping enhance our film with his original music, not something you can get every day off the internet!"
Hooi Zhong Choo - Producer "Papa Proof":
"We were very lucky to have Martin offer help scoring the soundtrack for our graduation short film. He was very helpful throughout the process and was very passionate about composing. He offered us a few directions as to how the music could turn out. Being completely clueless about music composing, we picked up a few pointers from him and he patiently guided us through the process.

Martin was always punctual and attentive to feedbacks. He made sure that our feedbacks were properly amended every time. It was pleasant collaborating with him because he made sure that our opinion, apart from his, was taken. He would also address his concerns directly when he thinks that things would not work out. He communicates well with us and we tried our best to provide him with ample information so that he could create the best music for the short film. And he did!

All in all, Martin is very cooperative, understanding and patient and it was a great experience working with him."
Yoke Theng - Producer "Brush Whack":
"Being able to collaborate with Martin has been a tremendous experience for all of us.  He is very talented, helpful and easy to communicate with. His professionalism and originality, it’s amazing! Not to miss out, even though the schedules had been very hectic, but Martin is always punctual. 

He is very dedicated towards creating a good and suitable soundtrack for our short film, Brush Whack based on the theme and settings of the story. The soundtrack as well as the sound effects that he created matched our short film perfectly; it certainly brings out the emotions of the story.  

We are really grateful for what he had done for us. If there’s a chance we would like to collaborate with him again."
Belle Barber - Director "Nell the Narcoleptic: Asleep on the Job":
"Collaborating with Martin on the soundtrack to our short film 'Nell the Narcoleptic: Asleep on the Job' was an absolute pleasure. He is extremely efficient, creative, and an excellent communicator. Early in the project, Martin broke down a potentially daunting task into bite-sized chunks which we worked on within a tight schedule. What might have been a period of great stress became a well-oiled machine producing a solid result.  

The soundtrack was extremely important to our particular film since we have no dialogue. The way the soundtrack not only heightens the viewers' emotions, but also takes them on a journey, shows you how much Martin understood what was required for the film as a whole. He took direction very well, and then took the soundtrack further than I even imagined based on his intuition. 

It's rare to find such talent, professionalism, and humility wrapped up in the same guy. I would work with Martin again in a heartbeat!"